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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 14, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and under afraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. and this is terrifying. the world health organization is now warning there could soon be up to 10,000 new ebola cases a week. 10,000 a week. also today for the first time we are hearing directly from the dallas nurse infected with ebola as she is fighting for her life in a just released written statement. nina pham saying i'm doing well and i want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers. i'm blessed by the support of family and friends. and am blessed to be cared for by the best team of nurses and doctors in the world here at presbyterian health presbyterian hospital in dallas. there is is more ebola news tonight. dozen of other hospital workers who may have had contact with thomas duncan who died are still being tracked for signs of the
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deadly disease. we have live team coverage, correspondent alyssa acuna in dallas and garrett tenney in chicago. we begin with alicia in dallas. >> hi, greta. we have received an update from the hospital. nina pham is now in good condition. so there is some good news for the 26-year-old nurse. she does, however, remain in isolation here at texas health presbyterian hospital, dallas. the ceo releasing a statement saying we are working tirelessly to help her in this courageous fight. the doctors and nurses involved with her treatment remain hopeful and we ask for the prayers of the entire country. and remember pham's dog bentley in the city of dallas saying tonight is he safe and has been removed from his owner's apartment. is he being cared for and monitored. pham is very close to her dog and there are fears that he would be euthanized like the pet who belonged to the nurse in spain diagnosed with ebola. not so here. and in today's update by cdc director tom feedman there
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was a change of tone a combination of reassurance, promise of action and admission of regret. the cdc promising to now have teams ready for dispatch to be on the ground within hours to any american city and hospital where there is a confirmed ebola case. also saying they should have done something like this in the first place. there will be training and retraining of healthcare workers as well. now, assisting in the fight, dr. kent brantly. remember, set doctor who contracted ebola while treating patients in west africa. he came to the hospital here in dallas on sunday to donate blood to pham. the hope is the antibodies in his plasma will help her fiirus. in fact, he also received a transfusion from a recovered ebola patient during his recovery. he offered to do the same for thomas eric duncan, known as the index patient but they were not a match. duncan died of ebola last week. and word today of the first human trial for ebola vaccine.
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39 healthy volunteers at walter reed research began receiving the first injections yesterday morning of a canadian ebola vaccine. it does not contain the whole virus but rather the gene. mixed with other material and because of that, greta, offi: tie fuss which is what doctors at the university of kansas hospital who believe that this man in his 40s likely has. they are now waiting on the results of more thorough testing from the cdc for confirmation that it is not
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ebola. those results are expected in the next two days, this patient gave doctors a scare when he first came in yesterday saying he was was afraid he had contracted the disease while working as a medic on a ship off the coast of west africa where he was treating patients with all sorts of diseases. the hospital immediately placed him in isolation. they were hopeful all along because he wasn't bleeding and didn't have a fever which would be if it please call for someone with ebola at that stage. that's why doctors believe he contracted one of the tropical diseases more common to west africa which those diseases also happen to require isolation. while it appears that kansas city is ebola-free for now, the university of kansas' chief medical officer says he doesn't expect it to stay that way. this afternoon he said with the number of people infected overseas, he expects that they will event case of ebola at some point in the near future there in kansas city. >> garrett, thank you. and nina pham, a 26-year-old
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dallas nurse has ebola. she became infected with this often fatal virus while taking care of the liberian patient. nina is rightfully being called a hero in her community. her family friend tom joins us. good evening, tom. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> i am very well. alicia acuna just reporting that the condition of your friend nationwide nina very goo. that's more than good, that's great news, do you agree. >> yes, i have to tell it you that is the greatest news we have ever heard in the last week. the whole community excited and we are so glad that she is doing much better, yes. >> do you know anything about how much contact she had with the man who died? >> really, that is a mystery right now. that's the question that not only you are asking you about a lot of community members are asking, too. how does she get involved in that and how did she get contact with the disease from the previous patient? >> what's her family saying?
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how are they taking this? i imagine it's extraordinarily difficult for them. >> you can say that again. the family was in a shock. very very sad and as a murder -- the mother cannot react properly because she doesn't know what to do. the whole family is in shocked situation right now. but with this good news, things seem to be much better and everybody is having raising hope, yes. >> is the family able to communicate with her any way? does she have skype? does she have a telephone in her isolation? i don't know how isolated someone is. >> it i> good news. we heard that she used the skype to communicate with her mother. that way they can see each other face and in addition to that she also do texting to her friend. but there seem to be a limited information coming out directly from the patient. and we expect privacy and then we are hopefully in the future when she gets better, we have some more information from her.
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>> it's hard to figure out what "goods" means. does that mean she suspect and walking around in isolation room? is she bed ridden? any information about this at all. >> at this moment we really don't have that much information about that how to describe that good. but we take it literally from the hospital as well as the description that good. and it hope that maybe?l she will be able to walk around and things of that nature. the further description is not available at this moment. >> well, tom, thank you, of course, the whole nation is watching. and everyone is, you know, we are all pulling for nina, thank you. >> yes, ma'am, thank you so much. >> and news today about the first ebola vaccine test on humans. yes, on humans. now it's in the united states. a canadian vaccine is being tested on 39 healthy volunteers. joining us dr. anthony fouchy, director of the national institute of infectious diseases. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> what is the risk for those who are volunteering
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to take this vaccine? >> well, the vaccine that vaccine called vsv. it is a tenuated virus vaccine that has ebola components in it, and the risk is just a reaction that you might get from a virus vaccine it could be soreness on the arm. perhaps a low grade fever. and some achiness. we started a vaccine trial on september the 2nd of of a different candidate. this is the is second candidate now. so that we have two vaccines that are on their way, hopefully to be shown to be safe in these normal volunteers. and then ultimately we can expand the testing and determine if either or both of them work. >> now, i read that this vaccine is being tested now. the one that just started yesterday on humans here in the united states. that at 100% success rate in
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animals. i don't know if that's correct. but, if it is, does that necessarily mean that it's going to have 100% success rate in humans? >> not at all. and that's one of the things that people need to understand it is not at all infrequent that things look good in an animal model and then when you get into the human, you are disappointed. the vaccine that we started in early september had 100% affect in the animals too it and we hoping that we get anywhere close to that, that would be something is. so we have got to be careful and suspend judgment about predicting whether or not this is going to be effective. the first thing we want to make sure, greta, is that it is safe. and once we show it's safe and then expanded in larger studies, then we will see how effective it is. but there is really no way to predict. it's good that the animal model had a good effect. if it wasn't effective in the animal model, it probably wouldn't have even
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gotten to the stage of being tested in humans. so, within humans now, because it looked good in an animal. >> i am getting lots of emails from viewers. lots of people are scared. we have to do a balance put a spotlight on it because people are careful but also don't want to put them in a panic. asking if it can be weaponized. ebola can be weaponized? >> you know, virtually pathogen can be weaponized if you look at the spectrum of microbes and pathogens that might be weaponized, this would not be be a very efficient one. if i asp bioterrorist and i had a chance to weaponize 5, 6, or 7, i would not pick ebola. people should stop worry about ebola being weaponized and realize that in west africa just by the natural emergence of nature terrorizing us that that is bad enough and not worry
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about somebody deliberate wrathily weaponizing it. to be honest with you, that's the farthest from my thought right now. we have enough trouble with nature's problem. >> you know, from time to time, lots of people around this network have agreements. my colleague has called for the evidence the cdc to resign. i disagree totally with him. i think dr. freidman has done a good job and i want him to continue to lead this but your thought on that? >> i think that tom freeden is doing a terrific job. people need to realize how difficult this is what a difficult situation it is. a number of things get conflated. the idea about protecting americans have an outbreak by contact tracing, isolating -- for example, mr. duncan's contacts are being followed now and are
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being and being monitored so that if in fact any of them do get truly infected, that we'll be able to control that and the same thing with the hospital worker contacts. all of those are being monitored in an appropriate way. that's the reason why we feel that there went be an outbreak. that'sroo successful. it's a terrible shame that we haven infected healthcare worker. that's something that is very difficult and the cdc is trying to find out now what happened, how it happened, and how to prevent it from happening in the future. but, i have complete confidence in dr. frieden and his capabilities and what is he doing. >> i do, too. i think bill o'reilly is dead wrong on this one. one other quick question, the fact that dr. brantly's blood plasma is being used with the healthcare worker that you just mentioned, is that something to be very hopeful for that he has the -- that his blood will help her fight this off?
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>> well, i wouldn't say very hopeful, greta, because it's unproven. theoretically, the antibodies that dr. brantly has in his plasma, being transfused to the nurse patient right now, theoretically, if i look at what anybody is do, they are the body's natural proteins suppress viruses, protect you against subsequent infection. so the mechanisms are there. whether or not it's going to work we'll so but there is good scientific basis and rationale to predict that it would be hopeful. but when you don't have a clinical trial and you don't compare it with anything, you are not sure just what the tricks of that mazda that is. -- that plasma is.e,kñ there is good optimism to feel that it might be very helpful. >> for more with on
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interview with dr. fouchy, go to well, this is a fox news alert. isis is on the move, making even more big gains in iraq right now. isis is advancing through the anbar province, the gateway to baghdad and grn correspondent live in baghdad with the latest. tell me what's the latest. >> according to the latest updates of isis personnel. they had a change in methods of operation and strategies. for instance, they prohibited a local residents and areas controlled by isis to use anyi] other electronic devices or any other g.p.s. equipped cell phones fearing from any tips or locations might be sent to air forces conducting their assault. they impounded their main locations. public buildings, the mosque and large building into other locations. they were so achebe to disperse the foreign fighters among the pro-isis local populations and the areas controlled by isis.
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despite of all the rumors about isis advancing towardf)l the baghdad airport, none of this confirmed in reality. i was personally on the outskirts in the vincent of baghdad airport. and we have not been able to see any signs of battles or any form of fire fight. it is true that there is almost a dozen apache helicopters contained in the premises of international airport. but the iraqi authority up until now has not confirmed or denying the participation of the u.s. helicopters and pushing back the advances by isis. >> how about baghdad? we only have 30 seconds left but how is downtown bagged? how is that? >> baghdad is fully functional. streets are crowded. all the places are being attended by people. malls shops, everything is functioning as normal. even the airport itself has 100% air traffic for today. >> thank you. >> and every day as isis is
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advancing, taking control of parts of iraq and syria. that is despite increased u.s. air strikes. so are the air strikes working? is that a smart strategy? lt. colonel oliver north joins us. good evening, sir. >> the answer to the first question is no and the second question is no. the air strikes are working very limited. i mean, 600 air strikes over the course two of months is nothing particularly since most of them arefdl%ju controlled. co-bean looking down from the city from the hilltop they can hit specific houses on bar province which as you pointed out is the gateway to baghdad the entire euphrates valley excepted for the dam and al sad air base are now in the hands of isis the city is invested. you have got plenty of food left in the city for 7 million residents inside the perimeter. but as you go through those
4:17 pm
belts, what we have found is over the course of the last two weeks, almost every single day there is a suicide vehicular born ied. suicide bomber in a truck full of explosives killing dozens of people. those on the ground who i know are saying this is a rehearsal for the attack on the american embassy in baghdad. and so what you are looking at is al assad, the last big air base in on bar. probably going to go down in the next few days, the dam electricity for much of baghdad certainly the western parts of it, that could get shuts off. unlikely that isis is going to destroy that dam. because they want to occupy and be the government in on bar province. finally, you are looking at 40,000 isis fighters in iraq. probably an equal number in syria. what we have been watching, co-bean is a side show. it's a diversion, it's a distraction. and al baghdadi knows.
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this he understands the area and neighborhood which is he fighting. he describes that government shiite in baghdad, al baghdadi and us as supporting the shiites against the sunnies. >> camp iraqi base you are just talking about. called when i was out there al assad air base, the biggest air base in western iraq. it's the major strong hold in western iraq by sides the dam. the rest of it, unbar province in the euphrates river valley now in the hands of the bad guys. >> i know what the administration is saying publicly, do you have any information what the pentagon is saying behind closed doors and not saying publicly? >> that administration is coming from people who actually do have their boots on the ground throughout. >> your information? >> yes, the information i just articulated about. the suicide ieds is the rehearsal if you will baghdad relatively busy bustling. i read online there are car bombs going off here.
4:19 pm
maybe not where he is is it struck me said busing. i'm surelpñ many areas are doing quite well. but i hear about the car bombs i mean i read about them. >> you and i see the same reports. and those who are out there on the ground and those i have been talking to over the course of the last month and a half out there, they are the ones who are saying it's a disaster. it's not a set back as mr. obama said today it, it is a disaster. >> colonel north, always nice to he see you, sir. >> better news next time, i hope. >> i hope so, too. up up next, isis is recruiting terrorists fasts,3j%ñ and advancing fast, why does the white house claim we are winning? senator graham has an important warning, you need to hear it 911, a school bus full of kids dangerously swerves through traffic. find out what caused the bus to go out-of-control. and a scare in the air. passengers watch in horror as the plane's walls fall apart mid-air. wow. that's coming up. past. i hadn't been successful.
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are we winning? >> again, we are talking about a coalition of 60 nations working closely with iraqi security forces andy working up to build up syrian opposition fighters. there is no doubt that we can point to the success in the early days of the strategy. >> senator lindsey graham tweeting if isil takes co-bean they will be able to recruit more jihadists from europe and other places that could bring terrorism to europe and here to the u.s. homeland. so is that really winning? senator lindsey graham joins us. good evening, sir. >> thank you. >> i don't want to reduce
4:24 pm
this to a packer bears game and who is winning and who is not when isis keeps gaining ground, it does seem like our strategy is not -- we are not on the right path. >> well, the goal is to degrade and destroy isil and deny them a safe haven and syria and iraq to attack america. that goal was not being achieved. we are going backwards, not forward. and the white house says we are winning, they are probably the only people in the world that think that. >> why would the white house say that? >> i don't know why the president called these people the jay wees in january and denied he said it i can't explain why the president isil has a strategy. their goal is not to take baghdad but make this new government dysfunctional. i think you will see a series of attack inside of
4:25 pm
baghdad. maybe against our industry but seats, powers of the iraqi government. isil has one goal. to keep the iraqis separated and make sure this new government cannot pull the sunni tribes away in anbar province to attack them i think their efforts are to disrupt new government that could effectively challenge them. that's what their goal is regarding baghdad. >> why can't we get more help. perfect example is saudi arabia. they have a lot of reason to want to fight assad. they have got a lot of money. at least pony up money to help. >> i guess all i can i tell is you if you go in on the ground against isil, you need an american partner. the saudi arabian government they have airplanes and ground troops, but name one bombing the last 100 years defeated any foe of any size or strength. at the end of the day, nobody is going to our right. nobody is going on the ground unless we go on to the ground. nobody is going to engage in syria until we engage in
4:26 pm
syria on the the ground. and the turksm&dq telling us something that makes sense to me. why should we attack isil, train people in÷m8t%5átk and saudi arabia, syrian free rebels, to send them into syria without neutralizing assad's air force? awful these countries have one thing in common. they hate assad and they also hate isil. and this strategy of the administration of not providing a buffer zone or no-fly zone inhibits people of going in on the ground. the people you are training to go into syria on the ground are going to get slaughtered unless you deal with assad's air force. >> one second, a lot of attention on midterm elections. but there is -- i read one remark that you were not ruling out a 2016 run for the white house. and then i read online that your friend senator john mccain said to the newspaper in abxiját that he would support you. so, where are we on this? >> i'm all in for getting
4:27 pm
united states senate. i know what it takes to run for president. the sacrifice, the money, the network, i'm nowhere near there i'm very much focused on winning my senate race. and to the administration's statement today, this is going to be a long drawn out]j war, all i can say that s. that two years from now, we haven't defeated and destroyed isil in syriaened a iraq, that endangers our nation and puts the whole region into chaos. i think what president obama is doing is trying to do the least amount possible to get this issue behind him and to keep a campaign promise not to go back into iraq. and that, to me, is dangerous and quite frankly pathetic leadership. our commander and chief is political promise than he is keeping the region stable and protecting our homeland next time you vote for commander and chief, make sure you are voting for somebody who has the experience and the knowledge to get the job right.
4:28 pm
>> senator, thank you, i notice you didn't answer that question, but you are lucky right up against the clock. i have got to end it there thank you, senator. >> and the obama administration wants to throw a "new york times" reporter in jail. what did he do and what happened to freedom of the press? does the obama administration believe in the free dosm the press in the pulitzer prize winning fid reporter goes "on the record" next. to a fidelity ira. it gives you a widrange of investment options... and the free help you need to make sure your investments fit your goals -- and what you're really investing for. tap into the full power of your fidelity green line. call today and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity rollover ira.
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are democrats pulling the plug in kentucky. in the final weeks in the
4:32 pm
senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and grimes the democratic senatorial committee admitting it was not reserved any more ad time with kentucky. but the dscc insisting it is not pulling out of the race. what's going on here? joe trippi joins us: joe, why did they decide the business about not buying air time the day after the debate last night. >> i don't think the the debate had anything to do with it they already pulled it off the air before that what the dscc has been doing is it is taking $50 million and not putting it on television the last week and instead putting it into getting out the vote. minorities, women and other targets. and. >> so they are still behind her 100%. they still see he that as a possible pickup for the democrats? >> yeah. both parties are taking two different tacts. republicans are doing what we all used to do is put a bunch of money on tv at the end. the democrat senate campaign committee is -- has signaled forever that it's doing something different this year. and that's taking money that
4:33 pm
would have gone onwãtv normally and instead turning it out in a low term midterm election trying to turn out democrats who weren't going to vote. whether it's going to work or not that's a different story but that's their plan. >> that seems to make more sense since you ultimately want the votes. i assume people in kentucky have now been with ads and decided whether the senate minority leader or not. i would spend my money getting the buses and the cabs and everything else. > she wouldn't answer the question who she voted for in 2012. >> i would have had a better answer. i understand completely. >> she has been hit with it like three times. >> she knew what was coming. and to not answer the question better is malpractice by whoever prepped her for that debate. she knew it was going to come. >> she should have known it was coming. >> she did know it was coming. i think she sort of told the
4:34 pm
koch brothers or whatever, this t. wasn't a good answer. >> what do you make of the poll that said that romney would beat hillary clinton? help his party. but you start looking at how he is being received out there, his ability to raise money, being now the only republican that shows up in a poll defeating hillary clinton, who is, i think, going to be our nominee. got to start, i think people have got to start his name in the ring for real. >> we will see what happens. joe, nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> the obama administration wants to put a "new york times" pulitzer prize winning reporter in jail until he answers the question. also the author of the brand new book just came out today "pay any price, greed, power and endless war." he joins us. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> i see two issues. one is your brand new book
4:35 pm
which talks about the war and about greed and about money. that's one issue. the other issue though is that the obama administration wants you to talk. wants to you give up your sources on a story about the cia. i take it you are not going to do that right? >> no and my answer really was to write this new book. my answer was i'm going to keep writing and investigating and finding out newv'[ things. that's why i have written this book and that's why i'm not going to talk. >> all right. do you realistically think you are going to end up in jail because attorney general eric holder said he is the attorney general. that may not be too long. and there is a january trial date. what do you think? likely to go tosaarrju not? >> i don't know what the government has planned. it's very unclear right now. they have just had some hearings on this case. still very unclear where things are headed. but i, as i said, i'm not -- i would be willing to go to
4:36 pm
jail rather than testify if i have to. >> well, that certainly is your reputation which is why -- let me turn now to your new book. you have always been aggressive journalist. i think well known around washington. what do you think -- taking a look at your new book. what do you think is going to surprise people most about that book? what's going to be the big take away? >> i think what i have tried to show is that we had kind of a national security crisis, kind of like the banking crisis. we deregulated them we took the gloves off. we said all the old rules don't ply. at the same time we poured hundreds of into national security and into counter terrorism the result was a lot of unintended consequences. really bizarre operations that have gone rogue over the last 13 years. we have been at war for 13 longest period of continuous war in american history. and i think a lot of people have learned that this is --
4:37 pm
this is the new gold rush, counter terrorism where hundreds of billions of dollars were being poured into it. so it attracted a whole new cadre of people, mercenaries and others, hustlers who wanted to make a killing in the war on terror. >> you know, it's sort of -- president eisenhower when he left, warned us all about the military industrial complex in 1961, and now when you take a look at your book and you see what a huge gold mine war regrettably is and of course we are all scared so we want to spend money. >> that's the we have gone so long on this war on terror. granted there are real threats. we he have behind them to such a degree that we panicked over the last 13 years and we have transformed our society in ways that i think have been very regret willtable. we have overreacted, i think to al qaeda and now isis and in a way that, you know, has
4:38 pm
really transformed our society in negative ways. i think that's something we have to begin to think twice about. how much are we willing to give up the traditional american society and our civil liberties and our freedom. >> some things we don't even have to give up. you pointed out a lot of your reporting for instance is that the nsa spying on americans without warrants, they didn't have to do that. they didn't have to violate the constitution. the constitution is so plain. they can get a warrant and pick up the phone and call one. they didn't. no one holds them accountable for except for maybe writings like yours, no one. >> the whistleblowers, the people who tried to report. who tried to get this stopped. i write about in the new book, they were persecuted. even though they never went to the press. all they did was go within the system to their bosses and to other people in the government and say, look, this is wrong, this is unconstitutional. and they were persecuted and had the fbi raid their houses. >> that's just incredible. anyway, it's a very popular book. just out, brand new today,
4:39 pm
hot off the press. james, good luck. and i'm routing for you. >> i also know why --o jail. >> caught on camera. school bus full of children dangerously swerving out of control. why did a field trip turn to terror? that's next. an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at
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check this out. serbia and albania qualifying in a championship qualifying match. two nations like each other. no one expected this. a drone flying over the belgrade field it was carrying a pro-albanian banner. a pro-serbian player ripped the flag down and that led to all out brawl and the game was abruptly brought to an end. and a hair rising ride caught on camera. school bus swerving out of control it gets worse. dozen bees of kids on board. bus driver charged with dui
4:44 pm
after frantic 911 callers alerted police. >> i don't get scared very easy but my heart is pounding. >> a grade school field trip taking a wrong turn. >> >> would. >> we are davis district school bus. we are concerned with our bus driver. can an officer follow behind her for a while and see if he agrees with her driving because she can't stay in a lane. she is crossing the double lines and it's -- the adults are getting scared. >> parents and terrified drivers frantically calling 911 as the school bus dangerously swerving from lane to lane. >> she almost hit had the van next to us. okay, i am honestly shaking at this point. >> i can't imagine what the let alone the people on the bus. and i'm glad i don't have to work with the media today talking about people who are injured. >> martinez, a 39-year-old driver recklessly swerving between traffic, drifting across multiple lanes and endangering the lives of 57 fifth and sixth grade
4:45 pm
students. >> whoever is driving can't pain taken a lane. >> the the utah highway patrol saying the driver was hopped up on prescription drugs. >> like antianxiety, muscle relaxer type of medication. >> and the final stopping point, a whopping 40 miles from where the terrifying trip began. >> basically what we have is we he have a school bus that i-15. witnesses said school bus was traveling very erratically, leaving the lane, cutting people off. >> that could have been disastrous, we could have had a whole bunch of kids hurt. yeah, we are lucky. >> hard to believe news, no one on the bus or on the road was hurt. the bus driver is now on paid leave. >> you fly often? this is a nightmare? a mid-air scare. passengers on an american airline flight watching in horror as the walls of their plane cracked open. >> it sounded like we were losing part of the plane. >> a scare in the air. >> all of the sudden i hear this loud pop pop pop really
4:46 pm
and as this is all looking around trying to figure out what's going on. sounded like bowling balls were falling from the overhead bins. the last thing that happened all the interior plastic panels insulation started ripping out of the aircraft both sides. >> 199 passengers panicking as flight from sanbsñ francisco to dallas started coming apart mid-air. >> it was terrifying. we didn't know what was going on. we were shouting for the flight crew, look, the walls are caving in. >> as the american boeing 757 as far as splitting. the horrified passengers start rushing to notify the crew. >> sit down, sit down, we are still climbing. >> no, come back and look at this now. they came back and said oh my god. >> finally 45 minutes into the trip, the pilot diverting back to san francisco. >> the pilot finally came anything, he just looked at it and, you know, i had my camera there, they didn't like that. they went back to the
4:47 pm
cockpit and came on the p.a. and said we're declaring an emergency and doing an emergency landing we are going back to sfo. we were trying to figure out why don't we land now? i don't know where we are but let's get this done now. >> well, the planerh" made a safe emergency landing. american airlines saying a possible blown air duct may have caused the problem. spraf paragraph straight ahead, the last person you would expect to be charged with murder. the prosecutor. a murder mystery stun ago small town in america. former prosecutor and football star. wait until you hear this one the latest on this chilling case next. ry mostarda, the freshly baked flatbread... but here's what you don't always see. the care and attention that goes into it. because what matters most is the simple, delicious ingredients that make up the whole delicious meal made just for you. and this is our turkey cranberry flatbread sandwich,
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land
4:51 pm
only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at this is chilling, a former prosecutor and football star accused of murdering his wife mother of his four children. cory love lace was found dead in her illinois home back in 2006, that's 8 years ago. why was curtis love lace just recently charged with
4:52 pm
murdering his wife. quincy illinois police6z chief brad copley joins us, good evening, chief. >> good evening. >> why did it take 8 years to bring charges? >> well, what it really took was a fresh set of eyes on the case by one of our new detectives who took a look at and it saw some things in the evidence and things that we had 8 years ago that we really didn't give the proper attention to. >> all right. so now 8 years later, i guess this happened on valentine's day, mother of four kids, simpson, he is married twice. when is the last time he was a prosecutor? >> i really don't know off hand when he stopped being a prosecutor. it wasn't very many years after the death of his wife. >> does everybody know him in town as quincy small enough so that the woman who died, his first wife out of the three.t( the first one who died was a classmate in high school, right? >> yes. and he was very well known here in town as the trial
4:53 pm
date when? > is he on bond or is he in the jail tonight? is he a guest of the city or othe state as we say? >> he is currently incarcerated in the county jail. >> can't make bond or he has no bond? >> bond was set at a million dollars or 10%. he has been unable to make that at this time. >> all right. and the evidence, the new evidence that you have since 2006, is any of it forensic and scientific or is it statements that he made? what kind is it? >> the largest change is that in the original pathologist autopsy, 8 years ago, she ruled the cause of death isgkb undetermined. and we have since had several experts look at the autopsy and review it and have determined the cause of death to be suffocation at
4:54 pm
hands of another. >> chief, we will be watching this because this is an unusual murder case. you don't often see prosecutors charged with murder. thank you, chief. >> thank you. >> and coming up, i'm going to talk to you off-the-record about sergeant bo bergdahl and sergeant andrew tam reissy,m an that's next. while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems,
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all right. let's all go off-the-record for main. you know the expression, don't hold your breath, well, that applies to sergeant andrew tahmooressi. he has been locked up in mexico since march 331st, it sure looks like the obama administration is not helping. here is what the obama administration has said about our marine's case. >> this is a case we have been concerned about hence we have raised it and we visited him is 1 is times. we will continue to press. >> we have been in close contact with mexican authorities. obviously every country runs their own judicial process. >> my colleagues at the state department are very focused on this issue and so i would refer to you them
4:59 pm
for their efforts to work with the mexican government. >> well, good thing sergeant tahmooressi is not holding his breath waiting for the obama administration to help. right? sad isn't it? sad that our marine is still rotting in prison, sufferingd pe obama administration hasn't helped him when it could have been so easy. probably just a phone call from sergeant tahmooressi's commander and chief the president, asking mexico to simply speed up the process. think about it. the president did a lot to bring sergeant bo bergdahl home and i'm really glad he did. if you can help an army sergeant accused of desertion, can't he help a marine who just made a wrong turn? and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. be sure to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. sean will talk with former members of sergeant bo bergdahl's platoon. that's tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. thanks for being with us. if you can't watch live, just use your dvr so you can watch any time. right now gte to and answer this question. i want to know how brave you are. i know i'm not. would you volunteer to take
5:00 pm
a test ebola vaccine or not? go to our gretawire poll and tell me. good night thanks for watching. bill o'reilly if he is still talking to me, he is next. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> would you send a soldier into iraq without the proper equipment to keep them safe? we need to consider our health as what we consider -- >> -- anger growing throughout the american medical community after a dallas nurse is stricken with ebola. tonight, for her to say it and the turks to deny it is a huge embarrassment. the economists think that an amateur would make. >> national security advisor susan rice once again in trouble. saying the turkish government was helping in the fight against isis. but apparently not